Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Africa; Mama Africa.

Africa: Mama Africa.

Oh Africa, mama Africa.

You are beautiful, you're the mother of the world

Or so we were told; That life began in Africa,

But then your children started to move, they migrated

To new found lands, In search of greener pastures,

They left you to rot. Oh Mama.

Mama Africa

We read of earlier greatness, the days of the Kings and Queens,

The worriors of your empires, the beauty of your lands

And the wisdom of your people. The days when early civilization

Was born in Egypt; We heard also of Timbuktu where wise men came to study.

Oh Mama,

Mama Africa.

We heard how you were rape? plundered? exploited and left bare.

By the people who hated? or loved? you.

But your riches are abundant.

Till this day, you are still the one to come to, in search of wealth:

Natural resources like gold, silver, diamond, nickel etc

Oh Mama

Mama Africa, your children still don't know,

They still migrate in millions, searching for better world?

They're looking for wealth? But there's none richer than you.

When shall we ever learn?

That you are more beautiful,

And that you are richer.

Africa Arise! I am using this space to call on all sons, daughters and lovers

Of Africa to come together, give back something to Africa,

Drop a line to encourage Africa.

Those suffering from diseases, and those who are still hungry.

Tell the governments that Africa is rich;

If only they will use African resources well.

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