Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nebuta Festival in Tokyo Japan

It's summer again and lots of festivals everywhere in Japan. This is one of the best seasons to be in Japan. Everything you ever thought of on a visit: culture, people, traditional music, drums and dances by people of all ages. And most of all; food and drinks.
The Nebuta festival held between August 14th and 16th at Kunitachi in Tokyo didn't disappoint. People were streaming through the streets of Kunitachi eating and drinking from the roadside food vendors on the streetwalk, dancing to the traditional drums of Nebuta. My friend told me this festival originated from Aomori in the northern part of Japan. This old festival is celebrated to welcome home worriors from the war after successful conquests and all the art works for this festival are of faces of worriors, samurai, their horses and the women who dance to welcome them home.

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