Friday, October 9, 2009

Mamadou Lo and Abdou Bayefall Performs African Drums and Dances in Japan

This is a video clip of two Africans: Mamadou Lo and Abdou Bayefall performing in Japan.

Mamadou Lo is a multi African-drummer, plays about 14 different African drums and a member of the SAFAIKO percussion band. He is also a songwriter and singer.

And Abdou Bayefall, while popularly known as a prolific African dancer and African dance teacher, he also is a multi African drummer/instrumentalist.

They both hail from Senegal in West Africa and current live and perform all over Japan. I recently ran into them at the French Instistute in Tokyo, Japan. I hope you enjoy this video.


  1. I play West African dun dun and am thinking of moving to Tokyo. I'd have to bring my drums and join a there one in Tokyo still?

  2. Bring your dun dun to Tokyo, I'm sure there'll be a place for you..